Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

Time surely passes by so fast. It is hard to believe that it is July already. In any case, we are here to tell you, that we remember you often in our prayers.  This is also our small way to show our gratefulness and to say THANKS for all your prayers, love and help extended to our Philippine Mission for the Blind.

All our blind girls are settled in their respective classes and schools.  All adjusted fairly well with their new classmates.  The latest update, that we would like to share, is a new member of our Margaretha Home Family: Mery Ann Villanueva.  She came to us on July 1, 2017.

Mery Ann, 16 years old, is from a poor family in Samar.  Her mother is ill, and she is and was not able to care for Mery Ann, even in her childhood days.  She has a caring fil2017 1father, who is a farmer.  The father was out working in the field every day, while Mery Ann and her sick mother stayed at home. Mery Ann has a big brother, but he is always out of the house and comes home only to sleep.

 Mery Ann was referred to us by a religious group from their home area.  To date, Mery Ann cannot take care of her basic hygiene and personal needs.  She cannot eat alone.  When she was asked during her interview, what she did at home, she said “higa, bangun, kain, higa…” (lie down, get up, eat, lie down…)  However, when she was asked, why she wants to be in Margaretha Home, she said, she wants to go to school and learn.  So we are sure, that we are in a good head-start with her.  To date, she seems to be really willing to learn.  We surely have a long way to go to prepare her to get ready to join our other blind girls in school.  But we are sure, it is possible. In the meantime she will join classes in our Learning Center.

 Another news to share is our interview at GNN or Global News Network.  If you have time, please, view this link.  About 14 mins.  This will give you a broader view of our mission for the blind here in the Philippines. (Please copy/paste the link)

Let us together pray for Mery Ann, that she will be able to learn and that we can help her to experience and uplift her dignity as a child of God.  At Margaretha Home the blind girls, the staff and the Sisters are all happy to see, how Mary Ann really strives to learn and to be part of our Margaretha Home Family.

Once again, thanks for making this possible.  All your love, prayers and help extended to us, no matter how small or big, make a big difference for all our blind girls and now for Mery Ann.  May the good God continue to bless you and your loved ones.  We are all together in this mission of love.

Our Mass this coming July 8, 2017 at Margaretha Home Chapel will be offered for you, Sister and all your loved ones.  Thanks again and God bless us all.


Sister Theresia

Sister Maria Adriana

Sister Luiza

Sister Maria Dolores

Dear Sisters and Benefactors, 

Greetings to you from all of us.  It has been a while, since you heard from us.  For our mission update, we would like to share with you our joy during the celebration of THANKSGIVING for the gift of life (200 years) of our dear Mother Pauline.  We celebrated “Pauline 200” on May 27 in Bansud, Mindoro Oriental, and on June 3 at Cubao, Quezon City.  It is because of the love of Mother Pauline for the poor and the blind, that we are here in the Philippines.

A Mass of Thanksgiving for the life of Mother Pauline was offered in both celebrations.  During the Mass we prayed for you and the Sisters all over the world, your families, for our blind, staff and the Pauline Groups.  After the Mass we had a program of songs, dances and a slide presentation.  A simple lunch followed wherein everyone had some time for socialization.  In Bansud our blind girls were treated with a swimming outing after the celebration.  We will attach pictures with some information about both “Pauline 200” celebrations.

During the summer vacation, through the generosity of our benefactors, our blind girls with the staff went to Enchanted Kingdom Amusement Park.  We also had pilgrimage trips to Antipolo Church (Our Lady of Good Voyage) and to Quiapo Church (Black Nazarene).  Some of the blind girls could also go home to spend some time with their families.  Those who have no families to go home to, spent some days as campers in the convent’s Unit 7.

Another event during this vacation time was the cataract eye surgery of Lyn, one of our young blind residents.  With both eyes done, she is able to move more freely, although her vision was not corrected perfectly due to some of her eye anomalies.

Now in June is the beginning of the new school year for our blind residents.  We have four girls in high school, four in elementary school, five in our Learning Center & Workshop and one in her Massage OJT Training.  Sister Clementia, SMIC, will be going to China for a month for her home visit.  During these days we are grateful, that Sister Luiza from our Eastern Province is with us during her home visit here in Manila.

We thank you very much for all your care, prayers and love extended to our mission for the blind.  What we did or do to uplift the dignity of our blind girls, is made possible because of your prayers and unconditional support.  With grateful hearts we offered our Mass last Sunday, June 4, Pentecost Sunday, at Margaretha Home Chapel for you all.  May the gifts of the Holy Spirit be with you today and always, and may our Blessed Mother be our guide.

See photos

God bless you, and let us continue to pray for one another.


MHB Blind Girls & Staff

S. Clementia, SMIC

S. Theresia

S. Maria Adriana

S. Maria Dolores

Here you can see some photos from our blind in the Philippines, preparing the Palm branches and participating in the procession. 


The garden of the residence for our blind in Quezon City, Philippines, was renovated. The blind have now much more space to play, to celebrate or also to pray in  front of the grotto. The photos gives us an impression of the joy of our blind in celebrating their new garden.

Dear Sisters and Benefactors,

Greetings from all of us.  Just a brief update sharing. We were invited to sing at the “2017 Mabuhay Germany Celebration” last Feb.19.  The day went very well and we all had fun!

fil17 2

fil17 3fil17 1

We thank and praise God, that all our blind girls are doing well.  Our next event will be our celebration of “Pauline 200”:  This will be held in two places – Oriental Mindoro on May 28, and MetroManila on June 3.

Meantime, I will be out of the country for an extended time.  Please, know that we will always remember you and your loved ones in our prayers.  We are ever grateful for all your love, prayer and help extended to us.  Our Mass last February 18 was offered for you, Sisters, and the Masses this coming March 18, April 22, and May13, will be offered for you and your family also.  Should you have any prayer intentions, please, send us an email and we, the Sisters, together with our MHB girls will remember you in our prayer.  Thanks again and God bless us all.


MHB Blind Girls and Staff

Sister Clementia, SMIC

Sister Maria Adriana

Sister Theresia

Sister Maria Dolores

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