Ancud: El 21 de agosto se inauguró la sala de la Madre Paulina en una parte del nuestro primer convento de la Provincia Chilena.


El 16 de Julio la Srta. Katiusca y la Srta. Marisel fueron admitidas en el noviciado. Ellas recibieron los nombres Hna. Agostina y Hna. María Verónica. ¡Felicitaciones! Las imagenes muestran el Noviciado en la Casa Madre y las nuevas novicias. 


The Sisters in San Bernardo were surprised by snow which is very seldom in this Region. Sr. Maria Bernardita sent some photos. 

Sr. Sophia Marie, was for some weeks in Bolivai and had sent photos whcih you can see when you open this link:  Bolivien 

She writes: 

"The carving of the 5 loaves and 2 fish on the cover of the tabernacle in the Chapel - is the visual for me of Bolivia.  A place where so many of us come for whatever amount of time we can offer, bringing all we are and ave and how God honors our  offering and uses it to provide for the needs of the people.

During our TP (Temporay Professed) weekend we spoke of simplicity and humility also two adjectives that bring to mind Bolivia - a simple, hidden mission, that  draws out of you all you have to give (wine poured and bread broken) . There is so much that can be done and it is amazing to see how much is done by the few Sisters that are there and with the scant resources available. 

The four of us were able to form such a nice community and it was great to see Sr. Celina Raquel so full of life once again ! ! !

I was able to go with Sr. Ingrid to the jail and help her out in the Parish, help out Sr. Josepfina while she was there and with Sr. Celina Raquel we went to el Salao several times, we replaced the screen on one of the doors, fixed some drawers, made rosaries to sell, etc...... we had plans to re-varnish the doors, etc, but my time there was not long enough......I even had four children show up to the convent one day for an English lesson ! ! !  

As I was on my way back on the bus, looking out at the night sky, the stars etc. I couldn't help but feel so overcome with gratitude and amazement at the richness and beauty of my vocation, at all that unfolds out of our yes, all the souls that He places in our path - each leaving its mark on the other for eternity...." 

From July 12-19, 2016, Sr. Adalberta gave for a group of Sisters in San Bernardo, Chile, a workshop with the theme "Mother Pauline and the Year of Mercy". The photos show some of the participants during the workshop. 

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