Maxims - M. Paulines

  1. We cannot expect that others have none but good qualities; they have their faults too. This remains an imperfect world. (1872)

  2. We experience a far greater spiritual gain by being patient with annoying people than the time we would have gained by dealing with them abruptly. (1842)

  3. Love conquers all. May you possess this holy love toward all. This love and solicitude must embrace all, all, all persons. (1877) 

  4. Though others be sad or serious, let your countenance always be cheerful and friendly. Thus you will eventually drive away all sadness. (1847) 

  5. Guard against any partiality, and if you have a preference, let it be for the most ragged, the most abandoned children. Exclude nor child from your heart. (1847) 

  6. Each one must respect the opinion of the other and all must discuss matters in common. Things will not go well if each one insists on her own ideas, and God's blessing will then be wanting. (1877)

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