Maxims - M. Paulines

  1. O pray, that the Holy Spirit comes to you, that He will remain with you. (1849)

  2. Lord Jesus, give me your Holy Spirit that I may love and praise you, that I may glorify you and be your handmaid, with whom you can do as you will.  (1842)

  3. O Jesus, teach me always to recognize and to love your Spirit and to do whatever he may ask of me. (1855) 

  4. Who would presume to believe that he always knows for what or how to pray! How fortunate for us, if during prayer we have and uprightness of heart that the Spirit of God may plead for us.. (1844)

  5. Discernment of spirits: Lord teach me this. Teach me to know this for myself and also in regard to others. Lord, you are faithful, help me! (1853)

  6. Come and stay with me, Holy Spirit, with faith as firm as a rock I beg this of you. (1842)

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